Mobile reflexology in Wem, Shropshire and surrounding areas

Initial Consultation

A full Consultation will be conducted over the telephone, usually prior to the treatment.

Your current and/ or past medical history will be discussed, to help ensure that the therapy can provide the best possible results, according to your individual needs. Every single client is unique, with varying presenting conditions and your own reasons for wanting Reflexology. It is therefore essential that your own particular needs are established, before the treatment therapy begins. 

It is important to ensure that any contraindications to the treatment session are discussed, as there may be occasions when Reflexology is not suited to you or where caution may be required.

Below is a list of contra - indications, as quoted by the Association of Reflexologists (AoR).

Possible contraindications (reasons not to treat) may include :

- any contagious or notifiable disease, cellulitis (severe cases) , imminent medical tests or procedures,

if under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Possible examples of where caution needs to be exercised :

- acute undiagnosed pain, HIV/ Aids, Arthritis that is inflamed and painful, diabetes, epilepsy, injury or infection to the feet, a heart condition, osteoporosis, prior to surgery, varicose veins, medication, pregnancy.

Please note that this will be fully covered in the Consultation. If necessary a GP referral may also be obtained.

Treatment Session

The treatment session itself will involve removing your socks and shoes and relaxing in a treatment chair, which will be provided for the treatment session.

At the start of the treatment I will begin by gently cleansing your feet, with sanitising wipes to ensure they are ready to be treated. I use a combination of different foot balms for my treatments, according to whether you want the therapy to be more stimulating or a relaxing experience. A fleece blanket will be provided to ensure you are comfortable and warm, and relaxation music can be played, if required. Your modesty will be protected at all times. The feet are also wrapped in towels to ensure they are kept warm, and uncovered accordingly for the treatment session

I begin the treatment with a relaxing foot massage on your right foot, to help warm the foot and encourage relaxation. The session will then begin with working the reflexes of the entire right foot, covering all aspects of the body. I shall work your feet one at a time, always starting with the right foot to help work with the natural flow of the intestines. Depending on your individual needs, certain reflexes can be worked differently to help encourage the body to heal.

Sometimes, during the treatment you may experience sensitivity in the feet, or a tingling sensation. This should not hurt or be uncomfortable, but should be more of an awareness that I am working a certain reflex of the foot. In addition I may sometimes feel small grains on certain reflex points. This can indicate a possible blockage or imbalance of a certain area, and the treatment session will help to deal with this. Once the right foot is completed, the left foot will be treated in exactly the same way. To complete the treatment session, I will go over any sensitive reflex areas to help ensure these are well covered. I complete the treatment session with some relaxing effleurage movements and gently massage the feet.

After the treatment session it is important to rest for a few moments. I shall go through any treatment findings and provide after care advice as appropriate and necessary. If you have any questions about the treatment session, please always feel free to ask me.

If you have any consecutive treatment sessions, your health needs will always be checked at the start of each subsequent treatment, before commencing the therapy.


Having completed a further course in Crystal Reflexology, I can also offer additional Crystal rebalancing at the end of the session for a further 30 minutes at a cost of £10.00.

This is a lovely add on to the traditional treatment, whereby I use a pendulum to help check the 7 chakra points and then use crystals very gently on the feet to help balance these. I also use Rose Quartz to gently enhance the treatment.